It's really sad to acknowledge this fact - but there are some people who do not respect the time and effort we genuinely put to ship products and provide quality products. 

Lately, we have been receiving orders from customers from all around the country and while most of them are genuinely nice people who are happy with our products and give their honest feedback about them, there are some, and I repeat "some" who could not care less.

When we started CASH ON DELIVERY, it was built on mutual trust and understanding. However now, we get orders from customers and when the product is shipped to them they tell the courier boy that they never placed their orders and cancel them on spot. 

Since this is becoming a regular affair, we believe we need to protect the remaining genuine customers who order from us.

Hence, we have cohesively decided :

  • A WhatsApp message or SMS or email will be made to customers who place COD orders to confirm dispatch for their orders - this verification process shall be for 3 days post the order date.
  • If we do not get confirmation then the order will be deemed to be cancelled - a cancellation message shall be sent to the concerned phone number.

Now we are also human. So while we do realize that in this process we may end up filter a genuine customer who could not re-confirm his order due to a genuine reason, we have a solution for that - we understand that you can't let one bad moment spoil a bunch of good ones. It wouldn't be fair to cast aspersions on all our customers based on the actions of a few.

Hence, if you feel that you have been filtered by mistake please write to us at support@soulandpeace.com and we shall gladly process your order.

We might not fulfil the Cash on Delivery order even after confirmation if address seems incomplete to us.

We are sorry that we have to resort to this, but honesty is something we value in our company and we must be responsible to you to give you a proper shopping experience here at Soul & Peace. 

Thank you,

The Team